Who is Jimi Needles? Is he just a man with a gun for a head or is he more than that? Is he a dj? Is he a producer? Is he a musician? All of the above? Well if you stay tuned you can find the fuck out because we interviewed this fucker. Jimi is a longtime friend of Walmer fucking Convenience Musical Blog and is reponsible for some of our early favourite moombahton and moombahcore tracks. Check out his soundcloud. He gave us a heads up that he had a new mix coming out on RAMP FM tomorrow (you will have to ask him about what time it is playing because we forgot to ask him before putting this up).

Anyway, we did a little interview with this fucker so why don’t you guys go check it out AFTER THE JUMP!

Walmer: Seems like you wear a lot of fucking hats like you dj, produce, do fucking band shit. If someone were to ask “Who the fuck is Jimi Needles and what does he do?” what would you tell them?

Jimi Needles: Ha! Yes I wear hats and yes I’m keeping musically active! Just trying to do a lot of things well, that’s all. At high school, got into djing and played parties and all that shit, drum & bass and hip hop. Learned that I was fairly handy on the cuts and scratches and have practiced every day ever since, definitely with the dream of entering some DMC level stuff (just to win a new serato box). Over the last year my attention has turned to bootlegging, production and more about focussing on visual turntablism sets. I’m the drummer and co-producer of a soul band; Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers, Play congas in an Afrobeat band and I’m the turntablist in a Trip Hop band. All exciting shit for someone who aint gotta flip burgers anymore!

W: With all these things going on you must have a lot of money. How many cars do you have? What brand are they and how much did you pay for all of them?

JN: Pffft! Fuck no. No cars. British transport is expensive but owning a car is more expensive. It’s bullshit really. I blame the goverment, naturally. Will get one when the time comes; when I have to bring a pair of knackered technics 1210s to the venue. Volkswagen Scirocco would be a first nice car.

W: What is you favourite brand of brandy? Why?

JN: Brandy is delicious, but I can’t help you. Do you have your own brand?

W: What were you trying to accomplish with this mix?

JN: To demonstrate how Iput moombahton together; in a quick-mixed, cut and paste, almost hip hop fashion. That is how I DJ, I like to keep people interest. But it was also important to get longer mixes in their too, as moombahton has routes in house and can be mixed like it too. Been listening to it and collecting it for nearly 2 years now, so I had to make sure there was material from across the years, not up for regurgitating an entire set of Dillon Francis hits freshly leaked off megaupload (RIP) and claiming “I know moombahton!!!!” on soundcloud. That’s not me.

W: What would you fucking say about the current state of moombahton? Is it gonna be alright? Does it have a future? Are questions like this worthwhile asking?

JN: Definitely worth asking mate. It’s fucking good. There are tonnes of fucking haters out there; fucking oodles of haters. Too many whiny bitches telling me that it’s too slow, ya know, but these were the same bitches that I’m sure were pissing tears over dubstep being too slow 5 years ago. Very bored of these people. Bass music is bass music. It’s like that fucked up cohort of uk bandwagon junglists that will hate on house, breaks and dubstep. Just because it’s not fast doesn’t make it illegitimate. Fuck em’. I like my sets to be like a music festival; varieties in tempo, genre and style.

Speaking of styles, can’t really quote as specific person, but from my readings of various blogs there seems to be a consensus that Moombahton has stagnated and become unoriginal. I disagree. I think there are great people doing original shit out there, really diggin’ guys like Geek Boy, and The Mane Thing. Their styles are impeccable and unique, and just jumpin’. It’s all about the party with these guys and you can tell. It’s well produced and club-worthy, which is my point. Now I’m no god at home studio production, not yet anyway; I’ve only been remixing for a year now for fuck sake! But as Moombahton is one of those ‘soundcloud’ genres, there are a lot of dudes slowing down house tracks and calling it moombahton with no thought whatsoever. That’s annoying and is quite damaging for people just discovering it.

But as long as it grows, waiting in the wings as dubstep did in the UK, it will find it’s place amongst decent, well produced, thumping festival bass music. Only today did I see a Moombahton remix reach number one on hype machine, great! It helps when already established artists start producing it too; Diplo has some new shit coming out and it sounds heavy. He didn’t reply to my tweet about when its coming out though. Cut me deep.

W: Is an interaction between pop music or other more mainstream froms helpful to moombahton? Is it harmful?

JN: Let me answer this fucking cynically. Because girls or record company bosses are fucking retarded do we expect say, in 5 years, moombahton to be on our blogs and radios with Katy B soundalikes over a light air raid synth and some harmless sub bass? It happened to dubstep, hell it happens to all genres and we all know it. Luckily there are no baddys on the moombahton scene. All the ‘popular stuff’ is pretty good and not pretty-close-to-commercial-RnB-so-stupid-people-can-relate.

W: Will any of these mashups be available to the public at some point?

JN: Maybe, if the demand is there! Moomblends (facepalms) are technically double drops EQ’d properly. I have laid a few down proper.

W: What the fuck is you favourite drug? Why?

JN: Good old fashioned alcohol because I can still DJ when on this drug.

W: Who is the worst moombahton artist?

JN: The ones who speed it back up to 128, fuck all of these people.

W:  Right now what is the genre you have the most fun working in?

JN: NuFunk/Funky Breakbeat music, lots of people call it Ghettofunk. Like moombahton it is mid tempo party music, bringing funk, disco, hip hop, soul, bass and dubstep in one package, it works well with moombahton ya know. Towards the end of the mixtape you can hear a few remixes in that style. Most of my sets are my own mashups and mashups done live, which can encompass any style. Plus a healthy dose turntablism in there somewhere.

W: What next for young Jimi Needles? What the fuck are you up to 2012?

JN: Building and finishing my home recording studio. Finally got enough DJ work to fund it. Will be experimenting a lot this year, got lots of ideas and enthusiasm, plus loads of vinyl to sample! Will be gigging hard too! Got a lot more gigs on mainland Europe which is great. Taking my audio visual show to a few festivals in the UK too, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. My soul band “Hannah Williams & The Tastemakers” album is coming out early summer, nothing more satisfying than getting your own shit pressed on 12″ and distributed all over the place. Check for more details. Seriously though, can’t wait till my bootlegging days are over and I’m producing my own shit. On the upside, I’ll have a rather hefty soundcloud following to put it to!

Also, mate of mine, Mr James Hurrell, runs Club Popozuda in London, with a scheduled relaunch mid 2012. Really keen to get involved with a Moombah night and be one of the first DJs in London to really push the genre at a dedicated club night. Follow the night on soundcloud.

W: What is your favourite watch brand? Why?

JN:– because all those kids that cheated in the exam at school still failed.

W: What is your favourite brand of premium vodka? Why?

JN: Grey Goose, because it is the smoothest vodka one can enjoy neat.

W: What is the most fucked up gig you ever did?

JN: I warmed up for A.Skillz about a year ago, and there was a cue of girls with requests… all were Lady Gaga. I did the duty of declining them all while he did his thing. Made me realise that some people just don’t get it…


Alright! That’s that! Now let’s check out some key Jimi Needles moombahton tracks:

Cold Blank – 2012 (Jimi Needles Moombahcore Blowup)

Flubba – Rare Pokemon (Jimi Needles Moombahcore Blowup)

G-Tronic – Sucker Punch (Jimi Needles Moombahcore Blowup)

Lee Mortimer & Laidback Luke – Blau (Jimi Needles Moombahcore Blowup)


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