CRAZY TORONTO NIGHTS   Leave a comment

These are the Buraka Som Sistemas. They fucked the hell outta shit in Toronto on Friday. Big ups to Diggy Scott at Underdog for hooking us the fuck up. We were right in the shit as you can see. Met and re-met some great dudes:

Sto looks like he spilt beer all over himself. He’s here with Conductor from Buraka. When Buraka was on it was so poopin off that people couldn’t fucking deal. Place was packed tighter than a newborn’s vagina. Yeah. We’re disgusting.

Fucking Bear Witness from fucking A Tribe Called Red with the disgusting ass Dirty Frenchman. Damn straight those motherfuckers were playing that night too and they had already got the place going so crazy it was hard to believe that anyone could follow. Only Buraka could pull it off. Enough bullshit though. It was a great show. LET’S GET SOME NEW MUSIC AFTER THE JUMP!

The 13th Tribe feat Puerto Rican Voices (Free Download)

Throes + The Shine – Batida (Zombies For Money Remix)

Snoop, Wiz & Bruno – Young Wild & Free [Tommie Sunshine & Disco Fries Bootleg]

TRILL INSTRUMENTAL (Of PureBakingSoda & Amazinggaijin présentent: 24/7 mixtape )

Kapongo Dance-Dj Dice Beats Rmx


Gucci Mane- My Chain (Noms Juke’d Remix)


Elementz Of Noize – Hit The Deck (Pickster & Jon Kwest Remix)

Zee Reach “Safety Dance Remix” – Free Download

NastyNasty – Acid Hangover

Daniel Haaksman “Kid Conga” feat. MC Miltinho (João Brasil Tecno Brega Remix)

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