A SHITLOAD OF HOT TRACKS   Leave a comment

Who is this fucker? It’s Canblaster. You can hardly tell though. We could have said it was Skrillex or Paul Oakenfold. No one would know. But it’s Canblaster. We saw him on New Year’s Eve in Toronto thanks to the Mansions. They just amass killer lineups for parties. Check them out if you are in town somehow. That Canblaster is a chill dude and awesome dj. Fucking boy wonder musical genius. Anyway, why talk about shit when we can just listen to some fucking tracks and download them and then play them when we have someone over to our place to have sex. GO GET SOME MUSIC AFTER THE JUMP!


The Weeknd, ‘Same Old Song’ (Paper Diamond remix)

FKi X Iggy Azalea X Diplo X HXV – I Think She Ready (DIRTY)

Gucci Mane – “Club Hoppin”

Oblivion – Drunkstep [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Lemme See Dem Pearls Gurl

Paris Artelli & Emynd – $ ^ (Money Up)

MoonDoctoR – You Can’t Do What Gangstaz Do (Ledoom Remix)

somejerk – slow and low remix

Chubby Fingers – Pimp Talkin (UNSIGNED MOOMBAHTON)

Cabo Blanco – Neige (Original Mix)

Quality – Que Lo Que Le Gusta A La Nina ( Qualo3Ball Remix )

Neus – Feel that (Club Sandwich Remix)

Double – Tatali – DJ REAGANOMICS REMIX final

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