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With this new onslaught of moombah, there is no other option except to pick up the pieces, gather up your belongings and make a new fucking life for yourself on the other side of the world. The worst part is, that you could never escape the pain. Moombahton started being played in that new place that you moved to. Your friends would be like “Let’s fucking go out and get drunk and do blow and shit.” You went out and they started playing fucking moombahton at the club. Instead of doing the blow the right way you would breath it out because you were all scared and shit. Your friends got fucking pissed. They punched your face. You lost teeth. Your dental bills increased. You became homeless. That was your life. You got raped. WHY DON’T WE GO LISTEN TO A SHITLOAD OF MOOMBAHTON AFTER THE JUMP!

Stylo-G – Call Mi A Yardie (Chong X & Dj MeSs Moombashment Remix)

Mackai & J-Trick – G.U.N.Z (Original Mix)

Zedd – Slam The Door (Neki Stranac Remix)

JFK & St. Mandrew – Face Pump (Congorock Remix – Mack Browne Moombahton Edit)

Noms- Meat Boy

Back to the Beat (CLRVSN’S “SLOW DOWN!” Edit) – Astronomar

Sticky K – Persian Algebra

Drake ft Lil Wayne+Tyga – The Motto(Mendez Rework)


Daims – Sat On Soul

Paul David – Like That

Vito Smash – Stylin

Rebel Sonix – Back it Up ft Lantan [Geek Boy’s Moombahstep Remix]

Jack The Hustler – Run Up (Emynd Moombahton Remix)

DJ Melo, Boyfriend & Jon Kwest – Boom Blast (Bassline Mix)

Dj Javier Estrada – Nereidas (Remix )

Bart B More, TAI, Max + Nima  – Nobody Canna Cross It (Neki Stranac Moombahton Puzzle)


ETC!ETC! – El Nomber One

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  1. Whoooo lawdy!!! That Daims EP is the BUSINESS!!!!!!!

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