Hey assholes! What’s up? We got another interview for you fuckers because we’re now the Walmer Convenience Interview Blog. This one is with Sarah Young who if you haven’t heard of her is this 22 year old UK dj who has already had amazing fucking opportunities working with Mz Bratt, Donaeo, Toddla T, Jammer, David Heartbreak and other famous cutting edge fuckers. She already has her own streaming radio show on Nasty.fm and she has spun on BBC Asain Network and BBC Radio 1xtra. We are in our 30s and have a blog where we swear and post pictures of toilets. Yeah we feel real fucking good about ourselves. Another notch in this lady’s belt is a free moombahton dj mix available at WeSC stores in the UK (sorry Canadian and American losers). What the fuck is it called? Moombahton Queen. Why the fuck is it called that? You’ll find out.

At first to be honest, we were not sure about interviewing Sarah since she is a dj and we are djs and we don’t wanna help other djs be famous because we are still trying to be famous. We’re assholes like that. We want all the fame for us. We eat fame for breakfast. Anyway, she seemed to really want to be interviewed and doing research on her we were like “Fuck, this girl is driven.” If you wanna know about the mindset of going for the fucking prize then read this interview. Honestly, we were sincerely thinking “Great, another chick hipster dj who wants to be famous. Get in line”. After interacting with her girl actually seems mad cool and if anyone is gonna make it, it’s probably gonna be her. So read this interview, grab a plane ticket, go to the fucking UK, go to a fucking WeSC store (they should give us free clothes by the way), grab a free ass CD, hop back on a fucking plane, go back to your fucking apartment and listen to that shit.

P.S. There was a bit of controversy about the Moombahton Queen title. Like people were thinking she was calling herself the queen of moombahton of fucking the UK or the world. We take no side in that argument and definitely recognize that there are many other chicks who have repped the fuck outta moombahton in the UK and all over the world. How they have so much time away from the kitchen or raising children beats the fuck outta us (SEXISM!). The title is addressed in this interview.


Walmer: What is it about music that you like? Like what the fuck compels you to work and dedicate so much time to it? Have you ever even thought or wondered about that?

Sarah: First of all, walmer ima take you to church. All that cussing , u need to repent 🙂 I believe in God, but I also believe in music, you get what I’m saying ? Its as important. Music is also escapism, it represents potential, it creates feelings and emotions that makes you wanna do shit, achieve shit. Its a language that speaks when you can’t. That’s why I chose this path, to be able to communicate through music is really special, music can change peoples lives.

W: You seem to be involved in a thousand different things like you’re a stylist, you dj, you say you’re gonna make music of your own. How the hell do you balance all that shit? Are you focusing on one thing more these days?

S: not really my life is pretty simple. Radio, Gigs, studio, cook, shop, sleep. I used to be a stylist since I was 17 in the music industry, but I couldn’t deal with the blown up egos and when ur styling artists on tour u watch them on stage and think “man, wish that was me”… Didn’t wanna live with regrets, so one day about 2 months ago, my dad looked at me and said, ur unhappy, talk to me. After telling him all I wanted to do was music, he said, ” go with your heart, you have to dj” for a 52 year old dad to say that to his only child, I was like wooah, okay. So now its all about music. I’m really so much happier than I’ve ever been.

W: You’re a fucking publicity machine working facebook, twitter, you got a crazy website and all the other shit, do you want to be famous?

S: no thanks love. I just wanna get to the stage where I have what my ma calls “clout” in the industry. Where I have artistic choice about what projects I can do and what projects I can say no thanks too. I wanna be empowered as a dj/producer, that’s the stage I wanna get to.

W: So what is it about moombahton that you like. What drew you to it?

S: since I started djing at 17 I always dj-ed reggae and reggaeton, ,and been goig to holland since I was 18 and I speak dutch so always used to go to dirty dutch house raves. Loved the off beat latin vibe but also loved the dutch high house sound. Tried to combine it at a few gigs and people thought I was a bit off key. Then about 2 years ago thru internet boredom I discover dave nada and his invention of moom. Love affair from then on !

W: How the fuck did you pick which songs to put on this mix?

S: putting together a free mix like this with a big brand like wesc is a long process, this project has been in discussion since feburary, so I jus picked the tracks that gave me a varied education of what moombah was, the tracks that in every set they always manage to get played. Every one of them is a banger is their own right. Simple.

W: Are there any songs you wish you could have put on that shit but you didn’t?

S: of course!!! Soo many rmx, edits, that’s what’s great about the genre and movement, SO much new music all the time. Got another mix release with wesc in new year so will include a load of new stuff then.

W: Why did you call this mix Moombahton Queen?

S: golden question. Despite controversy over name, it has a reason, my name in hebrew and lebanese means princess and my ma always said, ” all women are queens, especially in a mans world” as there are very few women in moombahton, I decided to call the mix moombahton queen. in my view all women are queens. No feminist shit, its also just dedicated to all the global bass kings and queens who graft and rep on a daily basis and also a nod to all the hard working women repping out there. So, in reply to that, nope I’m not calling myself a moom queen. Its jus an abstract name with mutliple meanings- which is allowed 🙂

W: Do you think moombahton is gonna be the next big thing?

S: hopefully it will be a consistent genre that ages well, like really good wine. If its the next big ting, makes me feel like people will get bored and dump it quick, so I want it to have longevity.

W: You’ve said many times you’re gonna make music. Are gonna make moombahton?

S: in the studio working on a 4 track EP, my first ever, out around feb/march, its gonna be free so everyone can get access to it. Each track is gonna be influenced by native music from different countries such as ethiopia and jamaica but gonna make it so any bass dj can play it in a main room in a club.

W: Who the fuck are your favourite UK producers (moombahton or not) right now?

S: redlight is sick. I like smutlee’s refix’s and edits, he is a don. Tee Circus. Also got love for swindle, respect him for the fact he is a mad talented keyboard player and his melodies are on point. Benga is dumb- he’s pretty much repping right now.

W: What do you use to produce music (software, and shit)?

S: logic and ableton. Don’t get me started. Lol I like Melondyne For vox, its pretty handy

W: How the fuck do you make money? Is it from shit like this? We wanna know to quit our fucking day jobs.

S: I’m in the mafia.

W: Seems like you’re going all in into this biz. If plan A fails do you have a plan B?

S: aint no plan b baby. Hustle till we die, then hustle in the sky.


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