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On the outskirts of Calcutta there is a dump where people leave their used up bass. Living in the dump are a group of dedicated workers who collect this bass, this assorted bass, and put the different pieces back together and make new bass shit with it. This has been going on for generations and is the most important source of music up in this bitch. Maybe you would like to take a journey in to this garbage dump. Dive and swim inside. Do blow in the garbage dump. Fuck a girl maybe. Or if you are a girl you can fuck a man there. Or if you are gay you can do the opposite. But whatever you do, you do it in a garbage dump. GO GRAB THOSE FUCKING TRACKS AFTER THE JUMP CUNT MASTERS!

Something Else I Need (LA Yaute Dubstep Bootleg)

Chris Lake – La Tromba (SAUR 2k11 Bootleg)

We Don’t Belong In Pacha – Arab Spring

2Pac – Thug Style (Thunderbird Juicebox Remix) 24-Bit WAV

Modestep – Sunlight (HULK Remix)

Sinden feat G-Side – G Like Me (Kaptain Cadillac Remix)

T2 – Heartbroken (HULK Remix)

Sinjin Hawke and Lucid- Fizzy Drink

Ring The AlaRm !

Burakaton feat. Bomba Estereo (Produced by Stereotyp & Buraka)

ANIMALS (Lwanda ep\Enchufada) – free download!

HYDRA (out NOW on Rwina Records)

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