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Hi I’m Nicholas Nolte. I’m so fucking old now that I don’t even know what time it is. What time is it? 12 o’clock? Fuck I’m late for my class to help me not be a crazy fuck. Looks like I’m getting drunk again tonight. Better get my fucking butler to call the cops and tell them to save my favourite cell for me. You know what fucking music I listen to when I go ape shit? I listen to Thunderbird Juicebox. He just put out a fucking free EP on my favourite label Moveltraxx. In fact tonight I’m gonna take six Tylenol 3, drink a bottle of Hpnotiq™, take my Maybach out for a spin and ram it into the crowd waiting in line to go see the movie Jack & Jill starring the famous comic Adam Sandler dressed as his own twin sister. Then I will pay the admission to see that film and whack off to it. What will be playing while I do that? The Thunderbird Juicebox Bassgame Stupid EP from Moveltraxx. Why don’t we check it out together. GO GRAB THE WHOLE EP AND STREAM IT IF YOU LIKE THAT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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