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What the fuck did David Heartbreak try to do here? Is he trying to act like he can make music other than moombahton? ALL WE WANT FROM HIM IS FUCKING MOOMBAHTON! HOW DARE HE BRANCH OUT!

Alright, now that we’ve composed ourselves there is only one thing left to do: give this thing a fucking listen and maybe even download the fuck out of it. “But what the fuck is it?” you ask. “What is this shit?” Well it’s trappy, trancey shit that you would listen to while you write in your diary about your feelings and how you cried. There is also a song that is like sped up moombahton. It does not sound like the late great George Harrison:

That may have been a terrible description but that is only because we are terrible people. Maybe you will like it. Why don’t you go check it out and maybe fucking download it AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP YOU FAT FUCKS!

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I am Snoop fucking Dogg. I am so fucking old. I just discovered about moombahtons yesterday. My son told me about the moombahtons music. He’s 30 years old. That’s how fucking old I am. I smoke old people formula weed with viagra supplemented. I fuck these bitches and then I still got a hard on for 3 hours more. Sometimes I just get a bitch to sit on my dick for the rest of the time I have a hard on like that’s her fucking chair. That’s what I call Dogging it. Snoop Dogging it. But enough about me, what about the moombahtons. I only really like them to be honest because it make me feel relevant and like I’m still into shit that young people like. I also like the jukes music for that reason. I have to turn up the music really loud because my hearing is bad. I’m old. LET’S LISTEN TO A BUNCH OF MOOMBAHTON AND DOWNLOAD IT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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