Hey fucks! Caballo came and wrote another post for the Walmer Convenience Musical Blog. Last time got people talking hard about shit. What the fuck is he gonna talk about now? Wanna fucking know? GO CHECK IT OUT AFTER THE JUMP CUNTHEADS!

Yooooo!! Caballo again!! Dropping some good vibes on Walmer’s fucking blog..

Last time I got in charge for a fucking moment of this convenience store while walmer was fucking nailing some thai bitches, a whole storm was created.. with the only good result that we all fucking know..

El Cuco recs and Some other guys are simply killing it..

Original tunes now are blooming, and slowly Moombahton and all its sub genres are getting more detailed production by people who are very interested in the genre.

Obviously, there are going to be a billion fuckers who still will do the moombah edit of whatever comes next, and that’s exactly what happened with dubstep, people will start losing interest in the music just by looking at the title of that freaking song…

Are we still on Time to change this? I dunno if I can answer that.. but I will try to point some stuff that dubstep’s new blood/labels to keep it real and original.. in my personal opinion, dubstep isn’t dead, although it’s very polarized right now, and very few people will stand up for the genre in case that justin bieber drops dubstep in his new album (for real..read the USA TODAY INTERVIEW)

Although… we don’t know who the producers is.. and even if it is a big name.. I dunno if he/she wants to be associated with Bieber..

It is relative.. I mean.. I would personally congrat ANY of the moombaheads if Rihanna, or Shakira contact Neki Stranac, Sazoon Booya or Munchi for example…. and I am sure people would be very happy for that, although some others will keep that attittude towards hype directed tracks…

Play me Loud for example is one of the dopest dubstep labels i personally have heard lately…

and the reason for that is quite simple..

a perfect balance between filthy and club..

This is a moombahcore

This one is a dubstep that will make u jizz

fucking Star Wars

BUT these arent the only guys who are doing great stuff



Not even has to be Dubstep… Bass Queen FERAL aka MC KINKY is killing it!!

and If you ask me…

my personal moombah/latino underground vocalist right now

CHITO ROCK who worked with munchi is just assassin !!!!!!!!

here it is his tune with Munchi


Whatcha gonna do? See what those fuckers are doing to copycat them? or are you going to find you own fucking sound?


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