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Why did we post this building. It looks kinda crazy. We don’t know where the fuck it is or what the fuck it is. Do you live in this? If you live here it looks like you would have to be some kind of sinister motherfucker plotting shit and eye fucking women on a regular and hurting animals and shit and generally being a fucking creep. That’s your life. You just sit in a high backed chair all fucking day. Don’t know why but you fucking do. Anyway LET’S GO GRAB SOME FUCKING SOUNDCLOUDS AFTER THE JUMP!


Bro Safari – Uncrushable [Free Download]


Waka Flocka – Round of Applause (Rampage & Nader Juke Edit)

Lucid- You Dont Wet

A New Dynasty

DOWNLOAD IT HERE! (click “save as”)

Justice – Helix (Don Diablo Remix)

Ackeejuice Rockers – Whine and go down

Silver Medallion | All I Ask (Drunkmaster Flex & Geek Boy Remix)

Torro Torro – Country Club (D-V3KZ Moombahdutch Remix)

Modjo – Lady (Ackeejuice Rockers Remix)

Jay-Z & Adele – Won’t Go (Wishing) [Urban Noize Remix]

La Chupacabra (Cocky Balboa Juke Mix)

To-Isis “Come Here Girl” (DJ Theory remix) [Official]

Diplo – Horsey ( Qualitys 3Ball Remix )

The Champ (Bassex Remix) (FREE DL)

Black Tongues – Ritmosura (ETC!ETC! Remix)

Delhi 2 Dublin – The Answer (Poirier Soca Chutney Remix)

Diplo -horsey ( corcovado remix )

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