If there was a nuclear holocaust what would you want to have with you? Blow? A life raft? A vagina or a penis to play around with depending on if you like innies or outties? Use your fucking imagination. Maybe you want music. Or wait! No you don’t want music. Your iPod will totally die before you do. It is therefore A MUST that you download these 2 free and awesome as fuck moombah EPs immediately. Enjoy them while the breath of life still fills your lungs. Do a line of blow off a breast. Cape Diem assholes! CHECK OUT THE MUSIC FROM FORCE FEED RADIO AND MODABOT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

What is this? The fucking Modabot Folkton EP. We don’t know who the fuck Modabot are. Maybe they come from Iceland, maybe they are from Malaysia. There is no way to know. It’s not like we can just look them up on the World Wide Web. Just enjoy the mystery. Bathe in the mystery. Listen to and download that business right the fuck here cunt breaths:

Modabot – Folkton EP **Free Download**


Just when you thought your mom’s vagina was safe, here come Force Feed Radio to force their music up into it and make her shake with delight. We got a straight up OG moombah track and then a fucking dutchy one or the remix. Preview that shit and grab it right here:

Force Feed Radio – Mumrah EP

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