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Finally for this fucking Halloween day, here’s a comp that was sent to us from our boy Cy Kosis. It’s got some good tracks on it by some up and coming fuckers in the moombah scene. Check it the fuck out. Don’t be a pussy. Play it in your sets tonight. If you don’t you’re a bitch. A Halloween bitch. The worst kinda bitch of all. GRAB AND STREAM THE WHOLE THING AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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We had to fucking post this. It just makes fucking sense. Neki Stranac is part of Shazalakazoo. So is some other dude. We don’t know his name. But anyway we did this fucking terrible interview of Neki last week. Read it you want to understand this fucking dude. He’s better than we thought. We tried to ask the worst questions and he still gave awesome answers. You guys might think that all he is good for is an edit. No way. You’re fucking wrong. Go buy this fucking thing and then tell us that. Shazalakazoo just murder the genre of moombahton here. Real fucking balkan treats in spades. We have heard the tracks on this release and it is rock solid. Gotta give props to Generation Bass for putting this out. We need more Neki Stranacs and the other dude in this game. We can’t wait to have that fucker come over to Toronto so we can see him make music with his crazy magic flute. GO FIND THE LINK TO BUY AND ALSO STREAM THE RELEASE AND GET A FREE TRACK FROM THIS SHIT AFTER THE JUMP!

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Just in time for Halloween, Generation Bass brings out Moombahluv II: Fuck & Fuckability based on the novel Push by Sapphire. If you loved the Moombahsoul series from Heartbreak then this is right up your fucking alley! Listen to this shit in the bathroom while you jerk off or in the bedroom while you finger a pussy or a butthole. Sex time. Read Neil Queen Jones’ words about Moombahluv II, download the fucking music and stream that shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Pop quiz hotshot! The Pickster comp “The Rise Of Moombahton: Today We Were Kings” comes at your fucking face at 60 miles per hour. What do you do? Boom! Trick question. It’s music. You put it onto your computer and you dj that shit til your hands, ears and eyes bleed. This comp will not wash your fucking car and finger your girlfriend while you watch CSI: Miami. No. But it’s gonna donkey punch your senses and give your brain a dirty sanchez. Who the fuck is on this? Pickster? Melo? Sluggo? Ledoom? Mendez? ETC!ETC! Chong X? Jon Kwest? Jay Fay? Skinny Friedman? Jake Twell? Jamrock? Javier Estrada? UFO!? Apt One? Bro Safari? Other dudes we don’t know? You would be ok with just one of these dudes on some shit but now you got them all in one place and it becomes fucking explosive. So do what you have to do. Take the fucking Nestea™ plunge into this shit. You’ll be covered in ice tea but you’ll be loving your fucking life. GRAB THE COMP AND STREAM THE FUCK OUT OF IT AFTER THE JUMP FUCK FACES!

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BAM! Walmer is inside you now fuckers! How you like that? No vaseline. Ever. That’s the way we blog shit. Inside you. “This is Walmer reporting live from your vagina. The forecast is for wet weather.” Alright. Thanks. we’ll just keep on doing a bang up job. No fucking music commentary here. No “blah blah, really has been making a mark on the scene lately, blah blah”. No. We don’t do that. That is boring as fuck. Not to say that there are many blogs that are good that do that. But a lot are shit. We shit on them. Shit on shit. Just get fucking annoyed at the complete fucking lack of originality. “Here’s my blog! I have some cool looking pictures and gifs and then I say that this person is really making a mark or is up and coming”. Lick our blog balls. Whatever. GRAB A SHITLOAD OF TUNES AFTER THE JUMP!

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If you fucking read The Walmer Convenience Musical Blog at all then you have probably realized a few things (if you have not realized them then you are fucking stupid). One is that we love music but we don’t fucking suck it’s dick. Until someone is able to create a song that will come and suck our dicks then we refuse to suck the dick of music. That’s the way we roll. Another thing is we don’t put anyone on a fucking pedestal. Everyone is human being. Diplo is a human being. is a human being. You’re a fucking human being. No one is due any more respect than anyone else because they’re famous. You can click “like” on every fucking thing they say on Facebook all you want, you will still not be famous. And who knows, maybe Diplo has cried more than you. Kanye West has definitely cried more than you (he may shed at least a tear a day). Maybe you have fucked more chicks than That’s doubtful though. We don’t bend over backwards for anyone based on how well known they are. In fact, we make fun of them more. Finally, music is something to have fun with. If you love it, you find it fun and enjoyable. Have fun when you make music because there are so many things that can get you down in life. So much fucking tragedy, so much everyday bullshit. Make music a thing to enjoy. Taking it lightly is a better sign than taking it too fucking seriously.

Why are we talking about all this shit? Well to explain why we were so happy we got Neki Stranac to answer some stupid fucking questions we made up. This guy has got a funny and refreshing way on looking at music and the creative process. If you have followed him on Facebook or Soundcloud you know he’s one of the more irreverent fuckers in the global bass scene and especially the Moombahton scene. Enough of our bull shit though. Let’s pass it over to Neki Stranac (who deftly avoids starting any beef even though we tried so fucking hard). READ THE FUCKING INTERVIEW AND GRAB TWO FREE EXCLUSIVE REMIXES AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER NEKI SHIT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP ASS MONKEYS!

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