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Hey, remember rap? It was the musical sensation of the eighties, kids everywhere were learning how to breakdance and smoke weed.

Here’s some new rappings, let us know what you think of this craze sweeping the nations.

Start off with B.A.R.S. Murre called Ask For Me, stupid fresh..

See more after the jump!

Here’s an unlikely pairing, Kid Sister with Raff Reezy produced by the Sindens

French Montana trying freestyling on Tony Touch’s Tuersdays, it’s a style of hip hopping where you say whatever comes to your mind..Fly!

Here’s the Murda Man Shaka – Homies by Waka Flockas freestyle of the infamous mobbin’ Marino crew. We told you how to freestyle up above.

Here’s some rapping from Toronto, proving it’s not just an American pursuit..

Rapping is even catching on all the way out in the western parts of North America! Fresh!

Lastly but not shitty is a mixed-tape of rapping by a new guy named M.A.D.E., it’s good! Click the cover image to download it for no money..

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