Hey assmasters! What the fuck is good in the motherfucking hood? Did you see that fucking picture up there? That’s gonna be the right place for you to go on Sept 23rd in Toronto. Nowhere else. Do not accept imitations. If doesn’t say Walmer Fucking Convenience on the box then ain’t gonna be no Walmer Fucking Convenience inside. Probably gonna be some kinda shit. Anyway, go to this shit, pay your $5, see Yo Ev from The Torro Torros, see Daddy Maysr from that Montreal place, and see the Dj Caff who’s a good dude who can drop more party tunes on your heads than a flock of seagulls could drop shit on you. But what about the music? What will that shit be like? Well maybe it will be a bit like this shit AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!


Gotty Boi Chris – Azz In The Air (Schlachthofbronx Remix)


Lil Wayne – Up Up & Away (J-Trick Moombahcore Remix)


Noah D – Seeerrrious (Munchi 3Dub Remix)

Skrillex – First of the year/equinox (Jamrock remix)

Buraka Som Sistema – Hangover (Munchi Airhorn Alert Rmx)

I Like Money (Jon Kwest Rmx) – Doo Dew Kidz ft. Mullyman

Deco Child – Pray (Munchi’s Destino Solitario Rmx)

Roc the Mic ’07 (SmartTech Rerub)

Mendez – Feel this Shit – ECRWEBPR004

You Used 2 Hold Me (Brenmar Remix)

Birdy Nam Nam – Goin’ In (Sam Tiba Remix)

Gunna (original)

Get Back (Vodka & Milk Remix) – Ludacris

Chong X – Dialogue


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