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Part 2 & 3 after the jump…

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Hey ass fuckers! We got two fucking mixtapes to tell you about today. The first one is by David “We Were Away When He Came To Toronto” Heartbreak. It’s a collection of remixes by Toronto creep masters The Weeknd. Shit’s hot like shit that just came out of an asshole. Fresh like that too. And it’s not all moombahton. IS MOOMBAH OVER? IS NU-JUKE THE BIG NEW FUCKING THING? You be the judge! Taste and download the new Heartbreak/The Weeknd EP and grab the new DJ MADD OD Kingdom EP too because you never fucking doubted you liked moombahton, you just discovered it last week and you love it sooooooooooooooo much. GO GET THOSE MIXTAPES AFTER THE JUMP FUCKERS! THE WORLD ENDS IN 2012!

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Is it too early to build a fucking statue to person who is still alive? Is it poor etiquette to name your unborn child who is so unborn they are just a sperm Uncle Murda? Was it decided that after the DEVASTATION of Hurricane Irene that the only thing that could help America get back on it’s feet would be a collab like this? Global Bass wunderkind Uncle Murda is back and fucking collaborating with American Rap royalty French Montana, Jadakiss, Styles P, Jim Jones, Vado and Cam’ron! GO GRAB THAT FUCKING SONG AFTER THE JUMP!:

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