The Dirty Frenchman remembers his early years of masturbation. They were years of lust and shame. There was this one girl he remembers distinctly from his grade 8 class who had tits before all the others and he used to just spend his time staring at them and then going home and jerking off repeatedly, maybe 3 or 7 times. Masturbation was probably his number one pastime for many years, at least up to his early 20s and remains a hobby of his. There was one time in that grade 8 year that he told his best friend that he masturbated and that friend looked at him with such disgust and judgment that The Dirty Frenchman felt like the biggest piece of garbage in the world. This EP, even though it is dedicated to David “Starfoxxx” Beltran stalking a chick reminds The Dirty Frenchman more of those early pioneering days of masturbation when you always felt like a creep and you would have to do it in the bathroom during a shower or maybe pretend you were taking a shit but all the while feeling like a creep and half enjoying/half being terrified because maybe your mom will walk in or knock on you door and you will have to answer back with your dick in your hands about how you will be down for supper in a minute. Anyway. ENJOY THAT SHIT AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP BITCH BABIES!



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