Hey bro. Cool soundclouds. Where did you get them? Cool. Thanks bro. Gonna check out that site after I get home. Did you see my car? It’s pretty fuckin sweet. Car won’t shut the fuck up but otherwise it’s cool. I think you’re cool bro. It’s fucking cool all around. You wanna be my friend? I got tickets to a Clippers game. Remember that one season they did alright? Maybe they’ll do it again bro. I’ll order nachos. It’ll be cool. Come on bro. We can listen to soundclouds after together. Driving in my car. They will sound like THESE ONES AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

Mendez & Sluggo – The Devil Does Drugs 

Selé masselé-os vagabanda

Danger Zone (Original Mix)

Chris Brown – Look At Me Now (Nerd Rage & Sluggo Remix)

U Can’t Touch This (DJ Ayres edit)

Tigorilla – Temple (Nader Remix) Space Junga EP

Paul David – RED LIGHT (Download) 

Virus (Them Jeans Remix)

Ginuwine – Differences (Vlsonn Remix)

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