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It’s your boy David Beltran aka Ms. Ghettophiles aka baby starfoxxx aka cradle rocker.

The boys from the highly respected internationally recognized media outlet for future bass (aka Walmer Convenience) has allowed me to join the team for a little bit. I am honored to join such a prestigious and historical staple in Canadien journalism.  I went and read the whole story about this blog and I must say…..BORING. You canadiens and your 3 down football and Toronto raptors experimentations. I gotta hand it to you though, you sure beat us in the “Quality of life” game.

Anyhow, I went searching for good canadien bass music and all I could find were Rush forums with sappy stories about how Neil Peart smokes crack now. I had to tap into my inner creep to dig so deep and far into the realms of  musical snuff to find this awesome Juke producer from Calgary. Not only is his name cool, but this is real real authentic, dark fucking Juke music. Approved from Chicago.

Feel free to hit me up on twitter @davidbeltran84 If you are a girl from Canada trying to swoon me don’t even bother. my internet heart already belongs to  KaleighMackay  but if you’re a boy in Canada feel free to stalk her. Actually, don’t feel free, that’s strictly an American thing.

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