We don’t know why we’re fucking doing this. Does anyone even give a shit about Crooklyn Clan and 69 Boyz? They are not even from the same place. One is from New York and the other is from Florida. Maybe the reason is that those fuckers both just made straight up unpretentious party music. Maybe it’s because the time we were hearing this shit and partying to this there was no fucking moombahton or future bass or other narrow genre of music of today. Or maybe there was but we just didn’t give a fuck. So sit back or get up and let’s watch some videos of straight up club music. This ain’t music for your head, this is music for your feet, your ass, your dick and your pussy. Which is really all you need to have a good night. Maybe some booze. Check the vids AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!:

Ok well actually that’s the only Crooklyn Clan song that has a video. So just watch 69 Boyz/Quad City shit:


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