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Hey hey! My name is Afrojacks. I invented moombahton. Fuck all of y’all. I don’t drink milk. I pour Crystal™ on my fucking cereal. I eat fucking Caviar Pops. They’re like Corn Pops but they taste like fucking fish and cost $2000 per box. That’s my life. That’s Afrojack. I’m working on a track with Justin Bieber. I fucked Lady Gaga. That was so weird. There were ostriches in the same room when it happened. One of them licked my right testicle. It’s tongue was rough. I still see it’s face when I close my eyes.

Have you met my friends yet? is the fucking black dude from Blast Iced Fleas and there’s Dave Gettus and that guy from Florida who I don’t remember his name. Here’s some tracks AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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Hey! Assholes! Do you know what the true fucking meaning of Christmas is? Do you at least know the true meaning of bass? Do you know anything? Well how about this: DeathStar is not just a place that shoots out a laser the destroys shit. No. It’s a team. A team comprised of bass legends MartyParty:

And Minnesota:

Here’s the cover they made:

Not that great but the fucking music is and it’s free and AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

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