Hey bros! How many drinks have you had today? 2? 3? 15? The world is your oyster. How many times have you puked? 1? 3? It’s true. It’s the best way to feel good again after you start feeling a little woozy from drinking. The Dirty Frenchman worked with this dude who got fired for drinking at work. The guy would drink booze to work at a call centre and it’s like if you’re gonna get boozy than get boozy to do some fucking fun work like being a fucking bikini inspector or condom tester or a sex haver or secret shopper at Walmart. A lot of moombah again on the plate today. Don’t know what we’re gonna do with it all. Been eating a lot of moombah lately. Maybe too much. Gonna get mad fat and have to have that moombah removed by liposuction. MUSIC IS AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP:

Mendez – Feel this Shit!

João Brasil feat. Lovefoxxx – You L.O.V.E. Banana All Night Long (DJ Morgoth Edit)

El Polen – Valicha (Chong X rmx)

Big Dope P – Southside Anthem [Moveltraxx, 2009]

Busy Signal – bye bye (Sabbo beat-up)

Freaky Philip – Completo (Original Mix)

Motivation (diplo remix) (cam jus bootleg) (ep bonus)

Mobb Deep – Got It Twisted (babySTEPS moombahton Edit)

Invasores de Nuevo Leon – No Llorare – Javier Estrada Mash Up

Schlachthofbronx-Chambacu (Smutlee Remix)


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