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Hey fucks! What is going on? Are you enjoying your days? Do you guys all work? Can you go on blogs at McDonalds? We are surprised if you can. Where is this McDonalds? It must be the best McDonalds in the world. All they do is play soundclouds with their fucking Big Macs and instead of ketchup they serve dubstep with the fries. Moombahton happy meals. McBassalds. That’s a restaurant we can all get behind we will eat there all the time. Get fat. Have to go to the gym. Become anorexic. It will be a fucking life. Anyway, let’s look at the menu AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!

Can’t Hold us Down feat Greg Nice Reggae Mashup off the soon to be released Tenacious Dub L.P

Zombies For Money – Numbra One (Max le Daron Coombahton Refix)

Still Fly – (J-Trick Moombahcore Edit)

EatEmUp & Sluggo – OMFG

Draq E Freaker – WAKA x CHERRYADE (Sinden Edit)

Nic S Ft 50 – Right There (Aylen & ThatMoment Remix)


Disco Trash Music – Bumper Cars (DTM’s Tropical Edit)

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