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Hey bros! How many guitars do you need for your band? You don’t have enough. We can only count six. What kind of music do you fuckin’ make? Acoustic horsestep? That’s pretty slammin’. Those are fucking crazy horsestep costumes. Is that the new trend in clothing that identifies one as a genuine horsetepper who just fucking horsesteps all over the place and plays guitar until you puke? Wow, music is always changing so rapidly it’s hard to keep up. What are the soundclouds that you guys would recommend to the aspiring horsestepping kids out there? These ones? The one that are AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP? Cool bros.

SBTRKT f. Little Dragon, “Wildfire” (Drake Remix)

Daniel Haaksman – Bomba feat. Roxxxy Bione (NEKI Moombathon Edit)

Wiz Khalifa – Racks On Racks (Remix)

A Skitzo – D.A.N.D.A.R.A. [NEKI Edit]

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