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Hey bros! Do you like pogs? We don’t because we’re adults. But maybe you are a child. What are you doing here? Your parents have really dropped the ball if you are here. They’re like “We don’t fuckin’ care. Look at whatever you want. What would you like to drink? Vodka? Beer?”. You’re pretty cool kids though if that is what you are. Maybe in a few years you can be like French Fries here. Seems like just yesterday he was coming out of his mom’s vagina and now look at him: killing a crowd in Toronto in a Chinese restaurant. Good to the Mansions and the Earmilks for having him come down and play the music even though he was ill. The Dirty Frenchman got so drunk he couldn’t fucking eat until 8pm the next day. You could live that life one day kids. MUSIC AFTER THAT JUMP YOU CUNTS!…

Amerie – One Thing (French Fries Remix) (mediafire)

Kissy Sell Out – Wild In The Warehouse (Mr. Vega Remix) Free Download

We were gona pretend this one didn’t exist but here:

Justice “Civilization” High Quality


Stereotyp rmx . Alhaca feat SIZZLA break the silence

Wicked Wow (NEKI STRANAC Edit) – Carolina Marquez vs. DJ Chuckie

Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix)

Lay It Down (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

Waka Flocka, Wale & Roscoe Dash – No Hands (DJ Hotsauce Remix)

Doing It Right (NEKI STRANAC Edit) – Afrojack






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