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I MAKE RUIN MOOMBAHTON   Leave a comment

Hello mommy and daddy. Look see that video I make is moombahton. No girls are doing for it but me! I only girl so equal number 1. Make easy! There are looks that say want fuck. I enjoy looks. Boys nice.



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Hey there cunt mouths! How are you today? Who is that in the picture? Why it’s the Schlachthofbronxes. What are they doing? Murdering Toronto. We saw those fuckers last weekend and got to chat with them for some time and they were classy dudes. If you have a chance to meet them or to rock out with your cock out to their music then you are advised to do so. Good to the Plugged Not Thuggeds for having them come. What else can we talk about today? Your mom? The soundclouds? How about both AFTER THE FUCKING JUMP!…

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