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Blam! What up dawgs? How are you making out in this post-Nate Doggian world? Who will be the next hook person to go? Will it be T-Pain getting hit by a train? Will Akon go in a space shuttle and it will explode? What is the percentage of guys who sing on hooks who have AIDS? The answer may surprise you. We don’t know what the answer is though. We ain’t scientists. Do we look like fucking nerds to you? MUSIC AFTER JUMP FUCKERS!

Flore ft Joyce Muniz & ThaiStylee – Pum Pum Gal (Absurd Wobbleton Remix)

Eccy – Old Snake Rapier (Sam Tiba & Myd Remix)

Bare – Purp And Yellow (FREE 320K DOWNLOAD)


So Shifty – Doin’ It

I Go Pay (Perfect Loosers Remix) – Onyenze

Lykke Li – Dance Dance Dance (BSS Remix)

Megalodon & Conscious Pilot – Gangsta Shit (Culprate remix)


Konshens – Fashion Addiction (mediafire)

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  1. thx for posting!

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