CONSCIOUS HIP HOP!!   2 comments

This one’s called Use Your Head…be smart and don’t watch it at work!!

See what other teachings this week’s hip hop music has in store after the jump!!

In case you didn’t know, Philly has some of the best rappers around, except they’re usually too busy cleaning choppers and having beard wars to be rapping on a reg…this track is produced by Dame Grease! Enlightening!

This song’s so fucking gangster you might die just listening to it!! Fonky!!

Sounds like Wiz has gone conscious since he got his deal…this is like Talib Kweli conscious!

And the most conscious of em all is free…yup, Prodigy’s out and you better listen to this or else he’ll find you and beat you unconscious.. Song’s old but the message is timeless…Educational!!

And this is coming out soon, it will be fucking awesome!!


You can stream a track from it here


2 responses to “CONSCIOUS HIP HOP!!

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  1. me!
    I, Ghostofsex, would challenge Tone Trump to a rap off any day. He’s no good.

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