GHOST CRIBS   Leave a comment

BOO! I’m Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s ghost! Let me take you into my crib and show you my music:

This is where my fucking ghost self lives! In Castlevania. Here’s the tour:

That’s the fucking champagne room where I take bitches back after the fucking ghost crack concert. I like to put this song on while I ghost fuck them in their ghost ass:

Toddla T ft Double Kay – Pum Pum (mediafire)

That’s my fucking ghost deck where we have fucking outdoor ghost orgies which are not great because we just end up going through each other. I smoke more ghost crack and listen to this festive ditty:

Shy FX ft. Kano, Donae’o & Roses Gabor – Raver (B. Traits Breaking Bad Remix) (mediafire)

That’s my fucking backyard! We have ghost barbecues there! We eat ghost meat. We like to be serious when we ghost eat though. We listen to this fucking shit:

Magnetic Man ft Angela Hunte – I Need Air (mediafire)

You guessed right! That’s the fucking bedroom. I ghost sleep there and ghost fuck chicks in that place too. I also had them put a ghost Burger King in there for food. I eat combos with french fries. I also sing this song to myself:

Flux Pavilion – I Can’t Stop (mediafire)

“I’m fucking dead and in a video game!”


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