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WHO IS BEST?   1 comment

Remember this? Of course you don’t. That was in the times when like 5 people a week read our blog and we were djing in the basement of a dive bar whose prime was in the year 2000. On your left you have that fucking asshole The Dirty Frenchman and on your right you have Douster, a Walmer hero who one day we hope to see along with many more people than were at this night that he played at the Social in Toronto. Well Douster just put out a mixtape today and since The Dirty Frenchman recently put one out we want to ask you “WHO IS BEST?” you can hear their mixtapes and vote on which one you like the best AFTER THE JUMP (we hope that you get it by now)

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THIS TRACK   Leave a comment

Remember this track? Those were good fucking times. The Dirty Frenchman might have done blow once and played it at Andy Poolhall. Do blow kids.

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Hey fuckfaces. Have you ever taken pee and thought you were done and pull up your pants and then more comes out and your fuckin undies got pee in them? It’s a living. That would be terrible if that happened when you took a shit. You would need to take a long hard look at your life. Maybe you would need to listen to musics to find meaning in the world. Maybe you would click ahead to listen to soundclouds AFTER THE JUMP (get it?)

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