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Animals are so fucking stupid. They can’t talk, they can’t do math, they can’t read. All they can do is eat and shit and kill each other and rape other animals. They’re terrible. The Dirty Frenchman knows this. That’s why we need to start abusing animals more. Poke a fox in the eye. Start spreading terrible rumours about a bear’s cousin. Pee in a fucking cat’s cornflakes. Make a difference. Together we can change the world. Oh look.

This one sounds like you took a fucking bath in a vat of lava in The Bronx:

Datsik – Swagga (Funtcase remix) (mediafire)

This one sounds like your locked eyes with a chick during a magic show on a Carnival cruise and then later you tried to find her at the club on the boat but she wasn’t there and you had to masturbate that night:

Erup – Smooth Sailing (mediafire)

This one sounds like you did shrooms at a club in Baltimore and you are reconsidering every choice you ever made from the second you were born:

Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow (DJ COCO Bmore Remix) (mediafire)


Leftside – Dance (People)

Rihanna – Rude Boy [Morningstar Moombahfies the Tommie Sunshine Edit]

And never forget:

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Here’s some extra shit because it’s a long weekend. It’s fucking Family Day weekend so you can listen to this music and fuck your family. No, we’re just kidding, don’t do that. Oh fuck, you did. That’s gonna be an awkward Christmas.

This one sounds like you’re at Dracula’s office Christmas party and you had too much to drink:

Flonko – Bants Bootleg (mediafire)

This one sounds like you are in a fucking factory that makes space lazers in the year 2123. And your dog died but you’re happy because he was terrible:

Figure & Will Bailey – Move (Drumstep Mix) (mediafire)

This one sounds like you fell in love with a girl from Ajax, Ontario and she is calling you up just to get you to drive her around in your car but she might still touch your penis when you make her smoke weed. And it’s smooth shit:

Bling Dawg & Jovi Rockwell – I’m Free (mediafire)

This one sounds like someone took your favourite fucking song and remixed it and you’re like “I never fucking knew anyone else even knew about this song”

Ward 21 – President (mediafire)



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