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Biggie made music and now he’s dead. Big Pun ate food and also made music and now he is in Latino Heaven. Kurt Cobain made music and tears and now he is in white people hell. The point is that music is like cigarettes and the more you make the more likely you are to die. It’s a fucking FACT. Ask a fucking doctor:

“You’re gonna fucking die of syphilis and music kiddo”

See? Anyway. Here’s some fucking tunes because we hate you and will dance on your grave once you are gone.

This one is like you took a rocket ship in the 1980’s and it’s fuelled by crack:

Robyn – Cobrastyle (Bloody Beetroots Remix) (mediafire)

This one is like you’re on a roller coaster that goes through a circa 1950s circus where instead of using trumpets, they use pussys to create music:

Ding Dong – Swag (mediafire)

This song is like you are in a fucking storm where instead rain it is lazers falling out of the sky and you are drunk on gin and maybe having sex:

Sticky Noodles – Booty Drop (mediafire)

This song is like they put Kanye in a centrifuge but he still had feelings and wanted to say something about how he cries sometimes. But you enjoy that:

Kanye West – Runaway (Dj Sega Philly Club Remix) (mediafire)


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