HOLY SHIT-STEP   2 comments

Hey, we’re in London, Ontario visiting DJ Plan B’s hometown, what should we do? When in Rome smoke crushed-up prescription pills, hallucinate and smash your head on something while listening to the hardest shit you can find…Bonus, this first song is made by someone from London…COOL!

Lamb of God – Laid to Rest (Andy’s Ill Dub Fix)

Wait for the second drop…

Skrillex – Cinema (Robo Jo-Jo Wicked Remix Edit)

Maybe on 45? Second drop again…

Skrillex – Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)

Fuck yeah, Skrillex

Speaking of Plan B, here’s another fucking video proving he was recently in New York tearing that city a new asshole with those fucking Marino guys…

Don’t forget we’re having a fucking party this Saturday…TOMORROW!!


2 responses to “HOLY SHIT-STEP

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  1. It’s pretty clear that the video is a fake. The footage of Plan B was edited in. I am not convinced.

    The Dirty Frenchman

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