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TEACH-FUCKING!!   1 comment

Well, we teach you all about music and videos and soundclouds and Charlie Sheen so we might as well throw in something that we like too!! Come out to Lot 16 on February 12th and learn a little about your bodies and how they work when they fuck!! Dance to the music we play and mimic the rhythmic dance of sex!!  You can probably hear songs that Diplo made!! And dubstep, and rap music, and dancehall and all the hard-hitting shit you love to hear The Dirty Frenchman and Plan B play that makes you want to go home after the jam and fuck each other as hard as the music was!!


Look!! A song that Diplo made!! For Chris Brown!! He sure is showing the world that he’s doing better since the ‘incident’, and hiring Diplo to do the main mix instead of just the remix is sure a good way of showing it!!

Look At Me Now – Chris Brown ft. Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne (Zshare)

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