Camuel Jackson – Girls Drawls Drops (Zshare)

YES! Today (two days ago?) is King Joffe Joe’s birthday and in honor of such a momentus occasion the motherfuckers over at www.realniggatumblr.com put together a crazy compilation of Cam’Ron shit you’ve never heard. Peep game, long live the movement….DIPSET DIPSET


  1. Intro/Takeover
  2. It’s Nothing
  3. Look In Our Eyes w/ Young Gunz
  4. Harlem (feat. Chinky Brown Eyes)
  5. Overnight Celebrity (Remix) w/ Twista & 50 Cent
  6. Aw Naww (Remix) w/ Nappy Roots
  7. Can’t Take It (feat. Hell Rell)
  8. New York State Of Mind (feat. Fat Joe & Remy Martin)
  9. You Gotta Love It (Original)
  10. Curtis
  11. Halftime Show
  12. Oh What A Night
  13. Hot Boyz Freestyle
  14. Green Lantern Freestyle
  15. Dynasty Freestyle (feat. Jim Jones & Juelz Santana)
  16. DJ Clue Freestyle (feat. Cardan)
  17. Murda Mixtape Freestyle
  18. Rush Hour Freestyle (feat. Beanie Sigel)
  19. Rush Hour Freestyle Part 2
  20. Tim Westwood Freestyle
  21. Pull It (feat. DMX)
  22. NBC w/ Charli Baltimore & Noreaga
  23. I Reps w/ Prodigy & Queen Pen
  24. Good Morning America w/ H.O.T. Ones
  25. We Ride w/ R.Kelly, Jay-Z, Noreaga, Vegas Boyz
  26. Gettin’ Jiggy With It (Remix) w/ Will Smith, Big Pun, Jermaine Dupri, R.O.C.
  27. Do Your Thing (feat. Nicole Wray)
  28. Whatcha Need (feat. Juelz Santana)

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