Crizzly – Big Booty Bitchezz

Hey guys! Do you like dubstep? Did you get the t-shirt? There’s only one way to show you like a type of music. It’s with a t-shirt.

“Hi! I’m taking Social Sciences at Trent University! I also like to rave in my spare time!”

“I like a wide range of music. It’s hard to pigeon hole me. You are just as likely to find me at an Electro House rave as an Electro Tekno rave. I find Acoustic Tekno does not get me as hyped.”

“I like House and BREAKBEATS!”

“I feel I connected with a lot of girls at the rave when I wore this shirt. Didn’t get laid though. But that’s not what a rave is about.”

“Anything African is good to me. African music is a genre. I’m forging my identity.”

“My taste in music is terrible.”


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  1. we gon’ party tonight

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