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GARBAGE COPS   1 comment

Busy Signal – Dem Call The Police (zshare)

Are you a peice of human garbage? Are you also a cop? If you are, do you fall asleep every night by sticking your badge into you asshole for stimulation? Do you look at kids with lust? Why do you stop cyclists and give them tickets for not having a horn on their bike? Is this why you joined the force? Do you look to fuck over cyclists because you can’t have you way with that kid across the street from you? Why do you live in Whitby and work as a cop in Toronto? Work in Whitby. Do you think you made a difference issuing a $110 ticket to The Dirty Frenchman this morning? Have you improved life in the city? Are you happy when you get to “screw someone over” when there are CTV News cameras watching? Are you famous now? Do you think you will get pussy/dick? Are you jealous of the guys in the drug squad who get to be heroes and do mad blow? Fuck you.

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