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Tinie Tempah – Frisky (South Rakkas Crew Remix) (zshare)

Hey assholes! This song is great! This South Rakkas remix is everything you want in a song and more. This song would have to touch your penis or vagina or both to top itself. Tinie Tempah is on to something here. He has made some sick ass tracks. If you like good music you should definitely check his shit out and if you hate good music you can always contract malaria. You have a choice. Sure this has been posted everywhere and on your mom’s blog about cooking but we decided to go for it because we are like that. Here’s the video:

WICKED JAB   1 comment

Tallpree – Wicked Jab (zshare)

Has anyone ever jabbed you? Who cares. We featured the video for this song already because it was fuck you in the eye awesome. We thought you should have this song. So here it is. Sure it is from last year, but that is about as up to date we are able to be with Soca as we are not from the Carribean and 2/3 of us are white. Soca fail.

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GARBAGE COPS   1 comment

Busy Signal – Dem Call The Police (zshare)

Are you a peice of human garbage? Are you also a cop? If you are, do you fall asleep every night by sticking your badge into you asshole for stimulation? Do you look at kids with lust? Why do you stop cyclists and give them tickets for not having a horn on their bike? Is this why you joined the force? Do you look to fuck over cyclists because you can’t have you way with that kid across the street from you? Why do you live in Whitby and work as a cop in Toronto? Work in Whitby. Do you think you made a difference issuing a $110 ticket to The Dirty Frenchman this morning? Have you improved life in the city? Are you happy when you get to “screw someone over” when there are CTV News cameras watching? Are you famous now? Do you think you will get pussy/dick? Are you jealous of the guys in the drug squad who get to be heroes and do mad blow? Fuck you.


Kid Kaio – Hey (Heartbreak Moombahton Edit) (zshare)

David Heartbreak – Ragga Muffin (zshare)

Have you ever been to the Heartbreak Hotel? They don’t play Elvis there. They play moombahton. It’s kinda a crazy hotel. People go there to rock to the music. The music of David Heartbreak. They probably smoke fat blunts too. That’s what happens there. Way better than the fuckin’ Best Western. That place doesn’t even have a pool and some kid pissed in the jacuzzi.

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RAVE TIMES   1 comment

92 Eternal – The Feeling (zshare)

This is the song you hear when people stick lasers into your ears and they come out of your eyes. And it burns. We don’t know what to think of this song. In some parts it is fucking awesome and then in others it is fucking cheesy. But that’s how raves are. Fucking awesome and also retardedly cheesy as fuck. This 92 Eternal group is AC Slater (who is great and had rocked the fuck out of shows he has done in Toronto) and then some guy named Juiceboxx, and some chick named Amy Douglas who we don’t know who the fuck they are. But whatever, anything is better than the show Two and a Half Men.


Snake party! Oil Party!

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MUSICAL WARHEAD   4 comments

Sidney Samson – Panorama (zshare)

After your village, town or city got hit by a nuclear warhead, this is the song that played. Maybe it was Sidney Samson who dropped that damn warhead on your town. Is he an asshole? Well it all depends on what you did to him. Did you September 11 his ass? That’s not cool. But you got what you deserved. He dropped an electro house banger on you. You got served. Step Up 3D.

Piranha 3D.

Piranhas are gonna be in your life now.

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