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Diplo and Borgore – Sunsets (Original Mix) (Zshare)

You know, Dilpo’s always trumpeted the Walmer cause, it’s probably what he’s doing in the above image.  So it’s only right that we return the favor as often as we can. This track is by Diplo and a guy named Borgore. If you don’t know Borgore, this is how we were introduced to him. Not exactly the kind of music we can play on any given night but still hot shit for when you’re ready to do murder high on speedballs and/or methamphetamine and/or plain ol’ crack. That’s supposition, we’ve never done murder. Anyway, here’s a song by Borgore that’s tempered with some Diplo listenability…not to say that it wasn’t listenable when it was just Borgore (more conjecture) but it’s Diplo and we all know what he does…well.

Please remember to come out to mmmonday tonight at Andy Poolhall on College St., it’s been off the fuckin meatrack lately.

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