THIS IS A WALMER SONG   6 comments


This is one of those songs that we love to play. It characterizes Walmer-Ness. It’s anthem-y and has lots of mentions of pussy. It used to be a hip hop song at one point and is now an electro joint that makes girls lose their shit. It also has an annoying drop really early in that goes off beat and can fuck up your mix if you’re not paying attention. And of course, that’s only something that you’ll know because it’s happened to you. Anyway, it’s hot and if you’re lucky you’ll hear it tomorrow night at Andy Poolhall where we blow your minds weekly with awesome weekend-extending music.

See you there..


6 responses to “THIS IS A WALMER SONG

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  1. he is not me, i am the creator of pussy rockin i want the credit from this blog this asian guy did not made pussy rocking i have proof of me being the creator so give the credit to me or take this blog off… thanks.

  2. Sorry about that, no harm intended, that’s what came up when we googled your name…please send us a pic and we’ll change it…we were just trying to promote the track, not the pic..

  3. walmerconvenience
  4. walmerconvenience
  5. walmerconvenience
  6. we like your site.


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