Tony Matterhorn ft Gappy Ranks – Just Tell Dem (zshare)

Dancehall is the cure for all diseases. No it’s not. But it’s a good music to cleanse your palette after too much ravey music. This song is just a triumphant song with a good message. How can you argue with it? Hypocrites and badmind can never be a friend of yours. Unless you are a sociopath. In that case, you love hypocrisy. If you are looking for some kind of meaningful discussion about this song then we could say that it keeps a more traditional dancehall sound and doesn’t sound like a beat that could be for hip-hop like a lot of tracks these days. Anyway, since we already posted some Tony Matterhorn videos here are some Gappy Ranks videos. Apparently he is concerned about being rich:

In the next video you get to see that there are Louis Vuitton guns available.

This next video proves that Gappy Ranks is rich. He spent sooooo much on it. Avatar better watch out.

This video was shot on the same day as the last one:


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  1. Walmer Ranks.

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