Classixx – I’ll Get You (Douster Remix) (zshare)

Look at these two assholes. This is The Dirty Frenchman and Douster. Together at last. To tell the truth this is technically two dirty frenchmen but Douster may have discovered the miracle of soap after his move to Buenos Aires. Walmer was at the show at the Social on Saturday. But were you? Probably not. You don’t know how lucky you are Toronto. You get great acts coming here that are playing some crazy ass shit that is new and when we say new we mean “new” like not sounding like 1994 or 1984 or 1974.  And what you do is go see some hack playing funk or some boring sleepy kind of house because you have heard it already and it’s safe and it’s easy. Well shame on you. You missed out. But you made it so that an up and coming international dance music star was able to play to us and maybe 40 other people and we got to just enjoy it for ourselves. Thanks. You guys rock. Come to this:

Invite is on facebook.


3 responses to “TORONTO DOESN’T KNOW YET

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  1. I would listen to the track, but the frenchman is to busy arm fucking this guy than to put the proper link. listen asshole…my ipod needs some walmer noise.

  2. Thanks Pepe!

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