As we mentioned before, Vybz Kartel loves to sing about Clarks shoes. And this love has led him to embark on one of the most important artistic enterprises of the 21st century: The Clarks Trilogy. We here at Walmer Convenience believe that access to this groundbreaking series is essential to the cultural elevation of the masses. We fear nothing more than the possibility that there is a child out there that may never get to hear three songs about the same brand of shoes by the same person. Behold:

Vybz Kartel ft Popcaan & Gaza Slim – Clarks (zshare)

Vybz Kartel – Clarks Again (link to previous blog post where we have the song because we could never conceive that Vybz would be so creatively adventurous to make a trilogy like this)

Vybz Kartel – Clarks 3: Wear Weh Yuh Have (zshare)

As you can tell, the Clarks company has totally gotten behind Vybz Kartel’s impromptu campaign…


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