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NEW M.I.A. VIDEO: YOUR SONG SUCKS   Leave a comment

Dear M.I.A.,

This song is terrible. Everyone is talking about this video because it is super violent and it makes you think about all the violence that is going on in the world and that we, in the West never are aware of. It also makes you think about the folly in hating a certain group for a characteristic that may seem inconsequential (even if being a ginger is NOT inconsequential, in fact,  it is the mark of Satan!). But there is one problem that everyone is ignoring here…


You, M.I.A. have made something that sounds like a droning not interesting garage rock song recorded in a tin can that would have been ignorable in 1993. Is this the best that you’ve got? This song was so boring and shitty that we wanted your video to end way before the EIGHT MINUTES were up. But you are probably not worried about things M.I.A. because you are already on the road to being the new Rage Against The Machine. And by that we mean the band that first year  university students who read the back of No Logo get into because the political message is basically punched into your eye it is so obvious. Keep reaching for the stars M.I.A.



P.S. here is the song for you to have and cherish forever because we hate you:

M.I.A. – Born Free (zshare)

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TONIGHT!   Leave a comment


Check out the facebook invite.

and the bar:


You asked for it! Take a trip with us again through the videos of dancehall artists you never knew existed. And if you did know about them then you are cooler than us. First up, The Passion of Bramma:

Bramma is an artist. His videos actually seem pretty cool. We are not being sarcastic. Here’s more:

This next one is the new best video ever. It has everything you want. Future Fambo is for real. You’ll be able to catch us drunken dancing everywhere:

This next shit is some straight Toronto dancehall shiznit. Eyesus straight reppin Eglinton Flats. And he’s affiliated with Vybz.

More Eyesus. Anyone in Toronto know anyone in this video?:

Karim Hype teaches you to be a good sport here. And don’t forget to drink Nuvo. It’s a man’s drink:

And here’s the Monster Twins:

And here is Bling Dawg who just wants to help girls live a healthy lifestyle:

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