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Lisa Hype – My Pussy (mediafire)

Wow! Two posts in one day! We are really over extending ourselves. So this song. It’s pretty good and we can now say with certainty that Lisa Hype’s pussy has never shot a man dead. Why? Because she told us herself. In this song. And it’s good to know. We will not be in fear around her pussy. But we can’t be sure about other girls. They are still suspect. Any pussy could be a killer in disguise. Stay vigilant. Fuck with one eye open. Anyway, what else has Lisa Hype been up to? Let’s see:

Vybz is all about the sex jams right now eh? That was quite a slickly produced video.

That video looks like it was shot in The Dirty Frenchman’s apartment. One can rest easy knowing they are prepared in case of an emergency with the fire extinguisher close at hand.

You can make your own witty comment about that one.

That had a real indie feel to it. You really don’t need a big budget to make death threats to Spice. Oh yeah, they hate each other.

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FUCKING MUNCHI   4 comments

Munchi -Sandungueo (zshare)

Heater alert! This shit is off the hook! Djs: There is no more reason to fear being around 100 bpm anymore. Everyone else: There is now reason to fear hearing music that make your feet burn like your mom’s loins burn for more random sex with strangers. Yeah, we don’t care if we offend you. Apparently this guy Munchi just spends his time making sick beats. He has a shitload at his blog. Apparently this shit is some new style of music called moombahton which to us basically just sounds like slowed down dutch house (like Afrojack shit). The Dirty Frenchman first heard this shit when he was high as a motherfuck and it just took over his mind and he had to re-listen to all the moombahton tracks by this guy like 100 times. And he was late for a dinner appointment. He’s not reliable. Anyway check out this Munchi character, he deserves to blow up more than the World Trade Centre.

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