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Cyber People – Void Vision (zshare)

Hey! Yeah we’re yelling at you! Look over here! How would you like to listen to a song that sounds like future anime music from the 1980’s? Well if you said yes then this is you time to shine and if you said no then you need to grab a kleenex to wipe your eyes and your vagina with. This is some straight up iced out italo disco madness jabbed right into your ears. You just feel immersed in a world of wonder:

Old video games aside this is just music to show where things started. Like showing how country and bluegrass led to hip-hop. The Dirty Frenchman first became aware of that song walking among the commercial warehouses on the outskirts of Mississauga in the spring of 2006. It was a glorious day.

But you want new music too. You’re like “this is a blog, not a museum”. And you’re right.  Well what about this:

Vybz Kartel – Clarks Again (zshare)

Little Vybz Kartel is back to sing you a song of love and dance the dance of life. Or dance the dance of shoes. It’s actually a great song this is. The “again” in the title is supposed o tip you off that this is the part two of this song:

We are are so glad he made a part two to that song because of how it ended on a cliffhanger and you’re all like “what will happen next with the toothbrush cleaning the shoes?”. You lined up around the e-block to see the part two on youtube. You ran to the store to buy Clarks.

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