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10000 HITS!   6 comments

Hey assholes! Thanks all 10 people who visited our site and our moms who visited 999o times! For this historic day, we are gonna make a special post all for you. You assholes. Tough love. First up, this:

Congorock – Babylon (zshare)

Why is there a picture of a flame-throwing tank here? Because this song is the flame-throwing tank of songs. This will run you over and set you on fire. It’s madness. If you play this song you will want to go hunting orangutans with a club. Sure you will still probably get your ass handed to you but you won’t be able to say you didn’t have fun. Because you’ll be dead. Congorock delivers again. Oh and there is a video that kinda visualizes this song pretty close to how we did:

Moving on…

Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo (Dj Dials Lil Wayne Vocal Remix) (zshare)

This a pretty chilled out spacey song. We weren’t too hyped on the original track by Joy Orbison. Everyone else was. Everyone else is stupid. It’s a good song if you want to sleep. Giving it a hint of Lil Wayne is just what it needed because now you pay attention to lyrics. Good job Dj Dials. Whoever you are.

Swappi – Dis Gyal (Nah Go Play) (zshare)

How about a little bit of soca? This is a song by Swappi who you can read about here. It’s a great use of the song Heater by Samim from a few years back. It’s a good track for the summer because you know it’s coming and The Dirty Frenchman is gonna be casting his perverted eyes over all over the scantily clad ladies of Toronto. Girls need to stock up on mace.

Here’s some fucking cumbia from Dj Quilombo who is a fucking Argentinian who apparently lives in fucking Belgium now. This song sounds like a mix of fucking traditional folk music and the fucking beat of fucking Nas song Nas Is Like. It’s a good song for those chilled out nights in the fucking summer. Fuck.

Well that’s a wrap for now. Thanks again for the love if there is any out there. Keep doing that crack and reaching for the stars.

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