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Demarco – Inna Yuh Hand (Zshare)

Ya, we been on dancehall for a while but other music (hip hop) is kinda dry right now…and besides this guy  rulz…pause. But seriously, we’ve posted some Demarco before so we’re going to post some more to make sure you were paying attention. And with today’s preoccupied self-centered-ness it’s always good to ram a point into people’s heads by force. This is a newer song by him called Inna Yuh Hand. It’s like the rest of his songs, hot. It’s not necessarily a nuclear bomb to your cerebral cortex or even a smiley on the edge of a urinal of sound, but it’s still good enough to jam out to. Plus over the past few years Demarco’s released some of the hottest joints including this one and this one which we posted a while ago and was also on a riddim produced by the man himself, called Stress Out. Yes, he’s also a talented producer. In fact, apparently he produced one of Walmer’s favorite riddims, Sidewalk University Riddim, or more famously to us at least, Bruck Back Mountain. Enjoy.

Elephant Man – Bruck Back Mountain (Zshare)


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  1. Good post, thank you. I just signed up to your blog rss feed.

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