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Charly Black – Chat Patois (zshare)

Can you chat patois? You probably can’t because you’re white. You’re all like “Pardon me papa. I know not what those Jamaicans are saying over there.” It’s ok to be white. The Dirty Frenchman is white and only half the people he meets think he’s a fucking idiot. There are lots of important white people like Jay Leno and George W. Bush who have risen to the top of their professions without uttering a single “pussyhole” or “chi chi man”. It’s not too late to be like them. Or you can be like Charly Black, who you admire like the uncle that never respected the way you dress. You could make this classic:

You could play yourself on Wednesday April 29th 2009 and feature stars like Pamputae(?) and Jigzagula(?). Or you could make this:

You could make all your songs about how you’re gonna get money. No not really. Because you would also make this banger:


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    But if you’re sleeping on this song you have no idea how much of an idiot you are. This is the best song to come out of Jamaica since No Woman No Cry..

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