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Tony Matterhorn

Ding Dong

Tony Matterhorn & Ding Dong – Ah Yuh Fren Dem Bad (zshare)

What does it mean when yuh fren dem bad? Does it mean they do this to you?:

Or this?:

That would suck. But let’s be serious, as we are now a serious blog where we talk about issues and feelings. The internet is a dignified place like the Acropolis in ancient Athens. Therefore, let us state that Tony Matterhorn is a a well known purveyor of dancehall hits such as the classic Dutty Wine. He can make a party track like no other. Ding Dong is another hit maker who is best known for the track Bad Man Forward. Did you know that Ding Dong began his career as a dancer for Elephant Man? Well now you do. This track brings them both together and is explosive. It is a wonder it didn’t get more play because in our experience it can really get things going at a party. It doesn’t even have a video so we will give you a video for Ding Dong and then Tony Matterhorn and then you can imagine them together to get an idea of what they would sound like.

This video shows you what it looks like when you pay Bad Man Forward at a party:

and this is Tony Matterhorn with Elephant Man, Geisha and Wyclef for a song called China Wine (Tony Matterhorn likes a good wine):


Hello everyone. We write this because after copious amounts of positive feedback regarding our endeavours, we have received our first email from a record label requesting we remove a track from our blog. Classy gentlemen that we are, we immediately acquiesced. The email hinted that we were posting music on our blog because we wanted to allow people to have it without buying it, as if that was what we stood for. We believe that if you make something, then you have the right to decide how it is used. If you want to sell it, great, sell it. If you want to give it away, then do that too. It’s your baby. If we post your song to our blog and you want it taken down, then we will do it. No problem. Just don’t tell us that we are doing it as part of some kind of effort prevent you from getting paid because we are not. We like your music. We put it here because we think everyone should listen to it and get to know who you are. We are guys that, like yourselves, love music. We live our lives immersed in music of all kinds, especially less mainstream music from places far away from where we live. We get high on music. For instance, The Dirty Frenchman remembers countless times he has actually had an intense visceral reaction to music. It was better than cocaine for him, because it originated from inside of him. We digress though.

A cursory look at The Walmer Convenience blog shows that we are not concerned with being in tune with the musical zeitgeist. Sometimes our tastes and the zeitgeist intersect and sometimes they do not. What we mean by this is that we are not interested in providing music to the masses. We are here for other musical explorers who, like ourselves, find delight in discovering a new type of music they have never heard before. People that are interested in traveling both through time and space because they think that a greater understanding of music may give them a greater understanding of life and the world they inhabit. If we have an agenda, it is that all music has something wonderful about it and that one should never limit themselves when it comes to music. We would rather that music not be based on a trend at a particular time. We think anything should be played anywhere if that is what people feel like. There is no cool or uncool music.

We like to eat.  We like shelter too. Shit costs money. We want you to eat. We go to your concerts, we visit your website and sometimes pay for your merchandise (though we usually don’t like to advertise our tastes for all to see becuse our identities are already quite strong and we can speak for ourselves). In the end, realize that we are on your side. We want you to succeed because we like you. Let’s just get along.

As a post script The Dirty Frenchman brought up this issue to a close friend of his and she thought that maybe we were actually taking money out of the hands of indie artists by posting songs. What do you think? We would like to hear your feedback.

As a post post script, here are some interesting articles that discuss the phenomenon of mp3 blogs:

Now you can say you have an informed opinion on the matter.

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