Opposite of Bastille Day

Opposite of Bastille Day

This is the type of image that makes The Dirty Frenchman cry. If he is reading this, his tears are probably staining his keyboard as we speak. What a fucking baby. Because of his deep involvement with Walmer Convenience, a recognition of France’s national holiday is inevitable. On July 14th, in 1789, the citizens of Paris rose up and stormed the Bastille prison, freeing political prisoners and igniting the world changing fire that was the French Revolution. Sure, the guillotine is great and the world would be a smellier place had his countrymen not developed cologne for The Dirty Frenchman to spray over his stink, but what has France done for us lately? In order the help justify the continued existence of France and The Dirty Frenchman we present some songs that prove that France still has a purpose in a complicated modern world.

Kazey and Bulldog – Gunshot vs Terror Squad (zshare)

Kazey and Bulldog will b-more the fuck out of your face. France ain’t just Daft Punk and Justice. In fact, Justice has sucked ass ever since their remix of MGMT’s Electric Feel. Prove us wrong Justice! Prove us wrong!

Douster – Wasted (zshare)

Douster has already been featured by us here and here. He is a frenchman in the wilds of Argentina. If you wanna learn more on him click the links. All you really need to know is he does mad awesome shit.

Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer (Donovan Remix) (zshare)

That one is a double whammy. French Sebastien Tellier remixed by French group Donovan (not the shitty English singer from the 60’s). Both deserve a pat on the back. Tellier does crazy Serge Gainsbourg type shit but electronic. Booyah! The original version of this song has a video too. The best part is when he writes a cheque and sticks it in the girl’s panties:

Phoenix – Fences (zshare)

Phoenix are not the kind of band to fall into our normal area of discussion. They rock and roll. But they are very influenced by the electronic scene in France. They hang with Daft Punk. They work with Air. Plus, The Dirty Frenchman saw them recently when they dropped by T-Dot and they put on a good show. Respect them!

There are othetrs but if we mentioned them we’d have to write more and we don’t want to. We’ll leave you with this bonus track that is a classic of 80’s French music. If you were around in France in the 80’s, chances are you heard this song…1000 times.

Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila (zshare)

As a final bonus, here are some French retro videos starting with the video for the song above:

The next one is for Indochine who are pretty awesome.

This one is intentional early 90’s cheese. While summering in Corsica one year, The Dirty Frenchman was forced to hear this song 10 times on the same night when he was at a club and the people there requested it over and over again. Torture:

Here is some super French 80’s cheese. French safe for whitey soca. What does it say when the only video you can find for a song has been modified to make it karaoke friendly. Horrible but hilarious and somewhat good:



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  1. After having a hankerin for some frech fries, french toast, I cant help to think how dope it would be to party with Sebastien with a ball and them granny panty wearin ho’s…word!

  2. that’s the life right there


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